Causes and remedies for darker skin

Asian people mostly favor the fair skin. Facial skin is easily damaged and there are hundreds of factors that can affect immediately your skin. Dirt, pollution, smoke and environmental conditions cause a bad impact on your health. You must know the major symptoms and cure for your skin diseases.

Why your skin is darkened?

There could be hundreds of reason for skin darkening. In many cases, skin darkening may be harmless and in some cases, it may lead to serious skin damages. Here are some factors that lead to change in skin color or dark skin color. Some people are passed with genetic property of darker complexion.Exposure to sun for a long period of time leads to skin diseases like sun burn, redness and oil extraction. Malnutrition or lack of essential minerals and vitamins from the body.

Remove darker skin with simple steps:

Darker complexion can be easily changed to fair one with some simple and useful remedies that are necessary for your skin. For the best treatment, you must know the problem that is causing your skin getting darker. If you expose too much to sun, then your cells are producing more melanin and with simple home 
remedies, you can recover your skin color.

Remedy for skin with simple steps: 

A thick paste of milk, lemon juice, honey and almond oil helps in peeling of your dark skin. Apply this paste for maximum 20 minutes then wash it with cold water. This paste helps in cleansing of skin and prevents you from more tanning. Almond moisturizes your hands and gives you a natural radiance.