Salt Lamp Recall | WBM International do not recall salt lamps

WBM International is the world’s best and the largest manufacturer and supplier of Himalayan Pink Salt lamps. The salt lamps bear high quality of salt crystals and chunks that are extracted from the world’s purest salt mines emerging from Himalayan mountain range in Pakistan. It is scientifically proven that the salt chunks are composed of more than 84 mineral ions that are also naturally part of human body.

The salt chunk is naturally pink in color and possess attractive crystalline features that makes it become an important part of interior decor. Pure salt lamps as you know possess rich mineral density is help full to human in many ways. The salt content due to its rich mineral density is naturally antibacterial and possess hygroscopic tendency which when is exposed to heat emits antibacterial negative ions which when kills the positive ions in the air that contains the bacteria and allergens / pink salt chunks due to its tendency is used to make the salt lamps that on one hand enlightens your interior and on other hand kills the bacteria present in the air.

WBM International salt lamp is safe product that is out of question:

The importance of pink salt lamps can never be overcome in any case. As everyone knows that it is a natural health care product that at one point illuminates your interior and on the other hand emits out the stream of naturally beneficial negative ions. In the current scenario, this healthy product is said to have been called in question. The reason is the accident caused in the USA by the use of low-quality electric cord used in some of the salt lamps manufactured by some local companies or low standard companies, even there is recall called by the suppliers of the products of such companies. However, I would like to inform you that WBM brand name does not lie in the category.

WBM Himalayan salt lamps are safe to use:

Himalayan salt lamps offered by WBM International are safe to use salt lamps. WBM products are made from high-quality salt contents and electrical equipment. WBM is an international brand name that values its customer's trust and is always ready to safeguard its brand name. Every product piece manufactured by WBM International is tested and is undergone through various examination and testing procedures to make sure that each piece stands in compliance with  global high-quality standard specifications so, here is no chance of any health or life hazard  by the use of WBM International electric lamps and other appliances, it is to affirmed again that there has been no incident recorded yet with the use of salt lamps  and other products made by WBM International and there is no recall made against any of the WBM's product.

WBM International Himalayan Pink Salt lamps are UL Certified salt lamps:

WBM International Himalayan salt lamps are safe to use lamps. You can use the lamps in any place of around your home, offices, warehouses, restaurants, spas, shopping centers, cafeteria with equal ease and safety. Salt lamps are designed to be fully equipped with the safety measures. WBM international Himalayan pink salt lamps are non-health hazardous. The salt lamp is UL tested and certified. The salt lamp cord is tested and is proved to be shock free.  The electric cord is ETL-approved International assures 100 percent safety when you use the salt lamps. The quality  of the salt lamp is improvised with  every passing day amendment in the quality of cord and dimmer is made time to time after series of product evaluation test because WBM  aims to make every piece of its salt lamp the beast piece in the market.

100 percent customer satisfaction:

WBM Salt lamps are the authentic salt lamps available in the world. WBM salt lamps are being used by health-conscious people all around the world. WBM salt lamps can be seen as being used in homes, offices, business departments, stores, restaurants and public places since years. Our customer satisfaction is 100 percent. You can even browse our customer's feed backs on WBM International’s social media platforms. You can confidently browse amazing salt lamps variety on WBM International’s website and even more confidently you can use the amazing salt lamps and other appliances offered by WBM International.

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