WBM Salt lamps are ETL Approved and Tested

There is currently an ongoing recall for Salt Lamps. The recall is due to low-quality electrical components melting, catching fire and creating other safety issues. WBM is not part of this recall. The lamps in question were all sold at Michaels retailers. WBM products have never been for sale at Michaels. All of our products are ETL tested and certified.

WBM Salt Lamps are safe to use:

Himalayan pink salt lamps offered by WBM International are completely safe to use. WBM lamps are made from high-quality electrical components. Every product manufactured by WBM International is carefully tested to make sure that each piece stands in compliance with global high-quality standard specifications. There is no chance of any hazard when using WBM International electric lamps and other appliances. There has been no incident recorded with the use of our salt lamps or any other products made by WBM International and there is no recall made against any of our products.

WBM Salt lamps are ETL Certified Salt Lamps:

WBM International salt lamps are safe to use. You can use them anywhere in your home, office, warehouse, restaurant, spa, etc. WBM international Himalayan pink salt lamps are ETL tested and certified. The salt lamp plug, cord, and switch are tested and is proven to be shock free.  The electric cord is ETL-approved.WBM International assures 100 percent safety.

100 Percent Customer Satisfaction:

WBM salt lamps are being used by health conscious people all around the world. WBM’s salt lamps can be seen in homes, offices, business departments, stores, restaurants and public places. Our customer satisfaction is 100 percent. Visit our website, www.wbminternational.com to see customer feedback and all the amazing salt lamps we offer.


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