Benefits and minerals uses of Himalayan pink salt

Himalayan pink salt owes it pink color and varying hues of red to its rich and various minerals. Its reddish shade is primarily due to energy rich iron content. This salt mainly hails from the Punjab region of Pakistan, mined in Khewra salt mines. Its aesthetically appealing color and major health benefits makes it a better substitute to regular table salt. Previously a niche purchase for health conscious foodies, the Himalayan salt is now widely accepted by everyone.
People might see it as the latest fashion trend in food but soon discover its magical healing powers on body as well as on skin.Despite the wide spread reception, some people are still skeptical about the pink salt’s mineral rich claims. Does this Himalayan salt hold up to its reputation? Let’s look at some of its benefits over natural salt.
The major benefit of Himalayan pink salt should easily be its wide crystals. This shows that the pink salt is unprocessed and hand mined. The wide crystals also lets you consume less sodium than refined table salt which takes up more space in a tea spoon than Himalayan pink salt. For people who care about the presentation of food on table, the various hues of red and pink look much nicer in a glass bottle than regular plain salt. Its ruddy pigmentation is due to larger amount of iron oxide which gives it an edge over plain salt which is processed and loses its natural mineral composition during the process. This is more beneficial in addition to the iron rich foods that we consume because salt is an inevitable part of our every meal. Thus with every meal we ensure an intake of iron.

Natural salt is so devoid of minerals that eating it alone causes goiter. Whereas pink salt is packed with nutrients like magnesium, calcium and potassium. Regular consumption of Himalayan salt brine keeps us hydrated and releases muscle cramps because of the presence of magnesium, chloride, potassium and calcium. These chemicals are also found in world renowned energy drinks.All the salts are technically sea salts although pink salt comes from mountains but the natural source of salt remains water. It is however the purest form of sea salt thus helps in keeping the blood pressure low. Himalayan pink salt has also proven to be very beneficial in maintaining the natural PH balance of the body.
As far as benefits of the salt on skin are concerned, it proves to be an incredible mineral soak for the skin. By rubbing its wide crystals on moist skin you can also get rid of dead skin from tough areas like feet and knees. When used as a burning lamp, it not only detoxifies the air we breathe but also proves to be a pretty addition to your home d├ęcor. Many Spas have walls and floors made of Himalayan salt crystals. These rooms are used as sauna baths for customers to spend quality time with their friends. The benefits and uses are endless when it comes to detoxifying your body and relaxing your mind. A spa treatment by Himalayan pink salt reduces mental fatigue and relaxes the muscles. It is rather cheaper than other expensive treatments used for the same purpose.

The nutrients in Himalayan pink salt commonly known as HPS also helps in digestion of food. This is another great reason to trade it with your white table salt. Its regular use ensures that body retains its strength by maintaining connectivity of tissues and bone density.Some people are of the opinion that the amount of favorable minerals like zinc, phosphorous and bromine are so miniscule that they hardly make any difference in our diet. But it still is a better option for health than white salt in the long run. Pink salt has a spectrum of 84 minerals and some bio compounds,

Only benefit that white salt has over pink salt is that it’s artificially infused with iodine by the government to prevent mental retardants. Himalayan pink salt emits negative ions so it helps in relaxing breathing issues specially sinus with improved respiratory system. It helps in a better sleeping pattern by providing above mentioned benefits to your body. The regular use of this salt has proved to be beneficial in heart diseases and also strengthens the arteries.


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