Why Himalayan pink salt lamp are best night lamps

Lamps are essential components of   every bedroom. Most of the people hate darkness.They prefer to sleep in the light but it is also said that exposure to light during night causes depression and increase the risk of cancer .it is also scientifically proven that light inhibits the secretion of melatonin that is a sleep hormone which promotes sleep, however, we use night light lamps that emit low voltage of light. however, nowadays, people are using the Himalayan salt lamp as night lamps. Himalayan pink salt lamps serve to be the best salt lamps because  the salt lamps are composed of Himalayan pink salt crystal chunk. salt crystal chunk is mostly in the pink color that emits  an amber colored light into the room.

Himalayan salt lamp: a best night lamp

Himalaya pink salt is extracted from the pure and clean mines of the Himalayan range . The salt extracted naturally bears more than 84 mineral ions besides it the salt also bears many healthy effects on the human environment and health. Salt crystal, when eliminated with an electric connection, emits orange amber colored light contain negative mineral ions. The low dim light emitted from salt lamp unlike ordinary electric light helps regulates better sleep pattern in one.

Beautiful and intricate designed night salt lamp:

The salt lamp is available in different shapes, sizes. You can select the size of a lamp according to the size of your room. Amber light color of the salt lamp can be changed into the desired light color by changing the light hue.  Salt lamps serve to be the best night  light lamp. It emits the negative ions which when neutralizes the positive ions in the air which causes the anxiety, recklessness and insomnia condition in people.  The negative ions emitted by the salt lamp when came in contact with a person tends heals his mental and emotional sufferings bringing him to enjoy mental relief. 

Acts as air purifier:

Salt lamp when enlighten also act as an ambient air purifier. Himalayan salt is naturally antibacterial and kills the bacteria present in the air making the air and bacteria free.  The salt is naturally hygroscopic. It absorbs the pollutant from the air which causes sinus irritation and various respiratory disorders.

Best and safe lamp for the kids room:

The salt lamp also serves to be best night lamp for the kid's room.  It not only elevates the room’s darkness but also it makes them enjoy good sleep by keeping the surrounding air neat and clean . also it helps to regulate their sleep pattern by  making them enriched with healthy mineral based positive ions.


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