Himalayan salt lamp neutralizes radon & ultraviolet radiation:

pink salt is composed of the mineral radon naturally plus 84 mineral ions that's are antibacterial and bears many healthy effects on the environment and health of human beings like filtering air in our environment by generating positive ions. it is proven that the salt lamps serves best for those patients also who require radon exposure. However, the radon element present in the salt have no effects on the human health. often this question ( generating emf or radon ) is rise about salt lamps ???


Do Himalayan salt lamps emit Radon?

Radon is natural occurring element found in the universe.  it is scientifically proven that the decaying radon serves to be harmful. The radon found in the salt is least in amount and is available in pure form and has no harmful impact on the life of people.  On the other hand, the negative ions emitted from the salt lamps tends to neutralize all sort of ultraviolet radiation found in the air making your surrounding pure radiation free.

Salt lamp kills the EMF radiation found in the air :

Himalayan salt rock is mined from the mines that remained concealed under the pure ocean for centuries so it does not contain any harmful or toxic element which may harm our environment or health. Due to its natural hygroscopic tendency and its natural mineral contents , it  cane used to combat the harmful radioactive radiation and radon rays that are responsible for causing various diseases like leukemia, breast cancer, brain cancer , lungs cancer,  melanoma, lymphoma birth defects and much more.

Salt lamp emits negative ions: 

The salt emits mineral based negative ions. Negative ions are referred as ”AIR PROTEIN “Himalayan salt based negative ions purifies the air from the harmful elements. It kills the bacteria present in the air. Negative ions also neutralize the harmful positive ions present in the air. Positive ions are sourced from various electromagnetic sources like telephone, digital devices, radioactive elements based devices. And other EMF sources.  Negative ions emitted from the salt lamps neutralizes them and makes the air clean and pure.