Choose the right salt lamp for your interior

Salt lamps are getting popular day by day due to its beautifully carved salt crystal designs and enormous health benefit it renders to men.  The salt lamp is made up of pure salt crystal obtained from the Himalayan range. The pure Himalayan crystal supported on Neem wood   base, when enlightened with the bulb tends to provide a mind soothing glow along with enormous benefits to its consumer. 

However not all the available salt based lamp renders the same benefits to its valued consumers. There are many factors that affect the quality and functionality of salt lamps. Some of the common factors are salt crystal quality and composition, the size of the salt lamp crystal, and salt crystal shapes and salt crystal color. WBM international has been dealing in Himalayan salt products and the salt lamp and provides the Hi-grade quality salt lamps to its valued consumers. While buying a mineral rich lamp, checklist following points before purchasing this will help you get the right lamp for your interior.

Salt crystal variety:

The salt lamps available in market are in different colors depending on its mineral rich quality from pink to maroons brown. The reddish brown salt crystal lamp is Himalaya is mineral rich especially in Iron oxide. The salt crystal in dark color shade are not used by the WBM  international for making salt lamps  because they do not have the essential  benefits that a salt  based lamp is meant to serve. Similarly there are also white Himalayan salt crystals used by the traders to make a salt lamp. WBM International doesn’t recommend white salt crystal in making salt lamp due to in adequate chemical composition in Himalayan crystals. The white salt could also be the processed salt crystal that might be a chunk of sodium minerals which does not render positive healthy benefits.

Orange color salt crystal lamp is pure rich mineral salt crystal:

Keeping in view of above facts , WBM only uses  real hand mined Himalayan salt crystal in pink to orange red in color that is filled with the naturally occurring 84 plus mineral ions  The Himalayan salt crystal which is pink to orange in color is purest of all salt crystals which have miraculous anti-bacterial and  air purifying tendency due to its unique hygroscopic quality .With the aid of such benefits the salt lamp  not only cleans the air but also have some sort of healing effects on  human  mind and body.

Size of the salt crystal lamp:

A size of mineral rich lamp should correspond to the size of a room you want to brighten with the lamp. Bigger the interior you need to ionize the bigger the lamp needed to achieve the desired results. More the surface area of the room; more is the drop out of the negative ions. It is possible that you might need more than one salt lamp to achieve the desired ionization. This is due to the fact that output of the negative ions drops dramatically within the few feet of salt mineral lamp regardless of the size of lamp and output of ions emitted from it.

Quick over view of salt crystal sizes to ionize an interior:

The mineral lamps are available in different shape and sizes fit to ionize a particular room. A small bedroom measuring 10x10 sq. feet can be ionized with the lamp weighing 5-7 lbs. A joint room or commercial space can be ionized by the salt based mineral lamp having the salt crystal weighing 40-50lbs.On the contrary two to three salt lamps weighing less or same   can also be mounted on various positions to gain the desired ionization results.  There are small mineral salt lamps designed to be placed in the study room or office cabins or to ionize the air around the working areas. The small USB port salt lamps are designed to be operated with the computer and various digital systems to ionize the surrounding air.

Built in Fixtures:

When you buy a salt lamp, inquire for its fixtures and built in features of  lamp because the salt lamp quality and its performance depend on its fixing equipment. Whenever   you buy any salt lamp from any shop, make sure some of the following features are present in it.Inquire, whether your lamp is constructed with the high-quality ULC/CSA, approved light fixture or not.

Check if the protected lamp base is provided with the lamp or not.  Make sure it is made of good quality wood and plastic that can resist the moisture effects.Make sure that the lamp base is attached to the lamp actually often the lamp. Often the lamp is seen sitting freely on the base that proves to be dangerous and unstable.

Make sure that the light fixture is held safely in the lamp.After reading the guidelines mentioned in this article we hope that you will feel confident and convenient in purchasing the salt lamp from the market or online shop.


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