Relationship between public health & environmental health

It’s been sure that many of us even don’t know what really the environmental health is. Most of us think that the environmental health is basically how we are affecting the environment, but actually it’s not like that. The actual meaning is something else. In fact, it is the effect of various environmental aspects on our health. Environmental aspects are the conditions that impact the environment, can be beneficial or adverse. But here, we are talking about the adverse ones because the environment pollution is increasing hastily, affecting the public health brutally.

Health hazards:

There is a long list of environmental health hazards that severely affect both animals and human beings. These hazards can be chemical, physical, mechanical or biological. Pollution, floods, earthquakes, lightening, wildfire and cosmic and ultraviolet rays are one of the main environmental health hazards. These severe changes of climate conditions are affecting the environmental health badly.

Environmental pollution is life taking:

Pollution is one of the key aspects affecting environment rigorously, in turns affecting the environmental health. No doubt, we people are disturbing the environment and environment is disturbing us. Air and water pollution, dangerous radiations and various chemicals polluting the environment are the main cause of life taking diseases like cancer, lungs diseases, skin issues, allergies and many more.

Solutions for natural living: 

Natural solutions are always preferable. A lot of natural solutions are available for your environmental health. For controlling pollution and maintaining the environmental health, one of the simplest ways is to grow trees and plants. They can purify air and water for you. As natural air conditioners, they can reduce your surrounding’s temperature. Moreover, a lot of natural products are available in market that can be best for your environmental health.

Environment friendly natural products:

Natural salt is considered as nature’s best air purifier and anti-microbial source. A number of salt products are available that are a chemical free solution for our environmental health. Salt lamps, salt air inhalers and the salt deodorants are one of them. Salt lamps and the salt air inhalers can be a best choice for the diseases caused by air pollution like asthma, bronchitis and lungs diseases etc. moreover, there are salt deodorants and air fresheners that are natural and healthy too. Moreover, fireplace heaters, foot detoxification salt bars and salt therapy pillows are also available.


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