Salt slabs in modern SPA

Salt blocks with their healing, beautifying and construction properties are widely used in SPA’s these days. The bricks are cut out salt slabs from Natural Pink Salt which is constructed into walls and bath tubs. They are shaved in standard dimension as well as made to order as per the customers need. The colors are fascinating and perfect for SPA setting ranging from semi translucent to varying shades of red and pink. When lot from another source they tend to glows hot like coals and emit negative ions which purify the air. The most common use of a salt plate is in sauna where heating generates maximum respiratory benefits of this magical salt.

The aesthetic appeal of these slabs is so much so that it’s also used in the waiting areas and facial rooms. Their sparkling hues make the environment relaxing, soothing and inviting. A lot less is spent on overall decoration of the place if just a wall of salt blocks is introduced. Not to forget it’s a unique and different kind of aesthetic appeal for workers as well as customers. Salt is a natural ionizer so its purposeful use in SPA is doubled where customers are expected of beauty, healing and releasing stress. It has the effect of spending a day at beach or ocean- refreshing and rejuvenating. Salt deodorants and salt candle holders are also an additional useful item to have in your SPA or home beauty regime.

The Natural salt candles holders are long lasting, elegant and artistically appealing inside the baths, saunas and besides the Jacuzzi. Combines with flower arrangements and scented potpourri, it completes the look of your SPA and adds to its value as a professional and caring service provider. Bacteria manifestation is very strong in SPAS and people tend to catch infections from each other. Although all good SPAS have separate utility items for their customers but the presence of Salt bricks make an additional air purifier in the house.


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