Affordable decorating ideas for home décor

Decorating your living place should be a fun and flirty experience. But if you are decorating on a budget then some creative imagination is expected to achieve desired aesthetic results. It’s none the less an experience which involves lots of searching, considering options and keeping in mind the moods and changing weathers. DECORATING SMALL APARTMENT IS DEFINITELY DIFFERENT FROM DECORATING SPACIOUS PLACE. If you are single then your decoration calls for a limitless array of ideas but if you live with children then there are certain simple rules you need to keep in mind to adjust to everyone’s need.

For instance a closed apartment place can be magnified by using lights and mirrors to reflect and give an illusion of spaciousness. Natural Glow with Flame-less Candle or a Salt Lamp can brighten any dingy area and add life to mundane wall colors and boring decor. The beauty of these decorative items lies with its earthen rocky texture whether in whole or arranged in assortment of ricks on delicate metal or bamboo frames. The health benefits combined with the sheer beautiful presence of salt lamps makes it a necessary and low cost accessory for any home décor.

Other affordable ideas include hanging different colorful plates on walls in various sizes; they give a funky playful look to your room and give a modern approach to designing a wall. It always helps to color the wall in a shad which brings out the elements of design on your wall hangings; popular colors of the season are lighter shades of blue, purple and orange. A single wall painted as a canvas can carry any wall hanging effectively and may not require big expensive painting to get the desired look. A simple piece of homemade art does the job.

Use draperies, floral, fresh patterns bring spring to your bedroom regardless of the weather outside the house. They are drifty, brings texture and a feminine look to boring interiors. They are also good at hiding bad spots like chipping of walls, drill spots or rusty window panes. Combining geometrical patterns with flowers may cure the bland look of walls and furniture. They can also be spread on the backs of sofa, on tables or hanged on walls other than their use as curtains on windows. Using draperies with beads creates a mystical aura and if combined with glowing salt plates gives an illusion of expensively catered living place.

Use old furniture to your benefit by coloring them in gaudy colors and use as side tables, book shelves or for sitting stuffed toys. They add purpose and create a homey environment. The furniture does not need to be expensive a wicket furniture is cheaper as well as lighter in weight. If you have large living space but limited on furniture then you can use temporary storage boxes covered with inexpensive beautiful gift wrappings, stacked above each as table.

Candle Holders & Scented Candles are a must in any home environment but better still are salt candle holders which disperse negative ions in the air while glowing beautiful on side tables, above fireplace or in the kitchen. It’s best to place 4 to 5 candles along with each other in varying heights. These candles can also be placed inside glass jars to maximize the glow effect.


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