Traditional light lamps v/s crystal salt lamps

Light lamps stand as an essential component of every household room. a bedroom and study room is considered incomplete if it lacks a light lamp . Lamps are lit in a bedroom because  we need to have some dim light during night dim light that does not disturb our sleep. Secondly, the light lamp is placed on the study table to enable one to study under the spotlight night lamp .
Do you know that light lamp can serve more than this .it can perform more only if we make them replaced with crystalline  salt lamps. Here we will discuss why to use the salt lamp in replacement of ordinary light lamps

Crystalline salt lamp: 

Crystalline salt lamps are the lamp having the salt crystal placed on the wooden base . the salt lamp, when sourced to electricity, generates orange amber colored light . the salt lamp bears the Himalayan pink salt chunk in it which naturally pollutant free and is composed of 84 plus mineral ions in it. The salt crystal being mineral rich and naturally polluted free bears enormous healthy impacts. Which makes it prominently different from ordinary salt lamps here we will discuss some of the points which make the salt lamp better than ordinary light lamps.

Cleans up the surrounding air:

The Himalayan salt lamp, when to enlighten, emit the  mineral fused negative ions that tend to clean the surrounding air by neutralizing the harmful positive ions which carry with them the dust particle and pollutant materials. The salt lamp is naturally antibacterial it emits the mineral ions that tends to kill the bacteria present in the air making the surrounding air pure and clean.

Heals the sinus and asthma infection:

Salt lamps are also born miraculous healing effects on the asthma sufferers. It removes the pollutant particles that cause the sinus irritation. Also, the salt mineral ions, when inhaled, goes deep into the sinus track and heals the infection and irritation caused in the sinus track. Such a miraculous benefit can not be rendered by the ordinary salt lamp

Regulate proper sleep pattern:

Ordinary light hinders one’s sleep but Himalayan salt lamp so the reverse. the soothing  and negative ions rich dim salt lamp light regulates the sleep it reduces the insomnia symptoms  , gives mental relief and enable one to have peaceful sleep making one prepared and energized to face next days hard target and liabilities . Salt lamps tend to reduce the streets conditions in people by emitting the negative ions that heal mental stress.

Improvise concentration:

Salt lamps serve to be best lamps to be placed on the study table.  Salt lamp light neutralizes  positive ion emitted from various other sources that tend to create anxiety and stress condition in people  The negative mineral ions emitted from the lamp  kills those harmful ion making one encounter the negative ones which make them energized and improve their concentration level making them perform their tasks in a better manner .
All of the above-mentioned facts makes one realize that the salt lamps are no doubt much better than the ordinary light lamps. Salt lamp not only emits beautiful glow to an interior but also it renders additional environmental and health benefits.


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