How to use Himalayan salt blocks for cooking

A professional chef will always find himself busy in finding different recipes and culinary products for his kitchen. There can be a number of recipes and an extensive list of the culinary items that can be accessed from the market. One of the most popular things that is becoming more popular among the chef line these days is the Himalayan salt blocks that are a new way to cook or serve the food in a stylish, flavorful and health friendly way.there are a few important instructions that you would need to follow if you want to use a salt plate for cooking.

If you are using a gas range, then you should place the block on the stovetop directly, but if you are using an electric range, then you must place a ring between the stovetop and the salt block. You will get an instruction book along with your salt block, but if you don’t, then here are the important instructions that you should follow for cooking using a salt plate. 

Appropriate Salt block:

Instruction number one is to choose an appropriate salt block for a perfect cooking experience. There will be different salt blocks in different shapes, thickness and measurements. To ensure a perfect cooking experience, you must discuss your main use with the store representative from where you are going to buy it because he will suggest you a perfect salt block just according to your needs. Like, if you want to use it for cooking steak, then you must ask the store representative for that. In this way, you will be able to buy an appropriate salt block.

Heating at a low temperature:

Because it is made from the salt, so it contains minerals and other trace elements and the few other factors that require start heating it at a low temperature. After 15-20 minutes, you should increase the temperature and repeat the same process one more. After it reaches to a temperature like 500F, now you should start cooking your favorite meal on it.

Do not flip the food too much:

While cooking with salt blocks, you must not flip the food too much like you use to do while cooking normally. If you are flipping the food too much, then it will get more salty, so you should wait until one side is completely cooked and once it is cooked, then you should flip it to the other direction and complete the same process.

Cleaning the salt block:

When you have finished cooking using the salt block, now is the time to clean the salt block from the food that is sticking to that. Here, the most important thing is to wait for the salt plate to cool down completely until it equals the room temperature. It will take some time, in fact, a lot of time, so be patient. Let it cool down complete and it may take 4-5 hours to cool down.

After it levels the room temperature, now you should rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth or sponge. Repeat the process again if there is still some food sticking to that. So, these are the simple instructions that you have to follow if you want to have a perfect cooking experience using a Himalayan salt plate/block.


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