How a crystal salt lamp is Earth Friendly?

Have you ever listen about the salt made lamps; mined from solid crystal rock salt, if yes then you would be amazed to hear that it can be good for the environment in terms of creating a friendly and clean atmosphere. Several largest companies or the manufacturer; dealing with rock salt lamps extensively organizes researches public awareness meanwhile natural health benefits for human body. This is the reason that sometimes they (product manufacturer’s) owns that their salt lamps can be earth friendly by creating a purified air quality in your living place. Well, there is a lot discussion about this thing and we can find many discussion forums online about it. But still this question required more attention to discover more about good environmental health that would be more earth friendly??

Artificial light vs Natural salt lamps:

Where a normal lamp emits lights there it also produces harmful radiations because an artificial source of light(bulb, energy savers, tube lights)  is possessed a visible light as well as ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiations effects, ultimately whom emission is caused levels of harmful skin effect and the eyes too. As compared with this a Natural salt lamp is made from crystal salt and that form of the salt is a world’s purest form of the salt (unlike the other types of salts) which can be found in its original form. A big feature of this type of salt is counted for its superiority and advantage over others by having 84 minerals.

Negative ions: 

If you want to get a healthy natural environment where you can breathe fresh, then you have to look for more and more negative ions. Just think why you feel so fresh when standing nearby a waterfall or at the beach? the amount of negative ions is so high in such areas because of the water evaporation process. A salt lamp does the same thing by leaving the negative ions in the air. Now, you may ask how they generate the negative ions in the air. Let us explain how they can leave the amount of negative ions in the air.

Nature friendly salt lamps:

Salt generates negative ions,  so for that we can concluded one big feature of the Himalayan salt lamp is that it can generate the amount of negative ions in the air and the negative ions are the natural indoor air purifiers. When the salt lamp’s base gets the heat from the bulb in the lamp, it will start the water evaporation process. That water evaporation process will produce the negative ions in the air and will eliminate the pollutants, allergens, viruses and the bacteria from the air. This is how the indoor air will be purified if you have any kind of glowing rock salt lamps near to your living place. It will help to clean Earth from the pollution and bacteria, that is why it is becoming more and more popular all around the world for its earth friendly nature.


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