5 interesting uses of salt lamp

Salt has immense importance in our life that cannot be denied in any case. Salt is an essential ingredient of our food recipes. It is a compulsory element of our every cuisine recipe. Salt adds flavor and delight to our food. Imagining food without out salt is impossible and intolerable .besides being an essential part of our food recipe, salt is also being used for various other purposes. Salt is now being used in manufacturing many beautiful home d├ęcor products and various kitchen use wares. One of the most famous and important items made from salt is the salt lamp.

Better sleep pattern:

Himalayan pink salt, when enlightened, emits negative ions into the air that is also called as” Air Vitamin “. These air vitamins neutralize the harmful positive ions present in the air which causes symptoms of insomnia in people. The positive charges ions present in the air hinder the blood and oxygen supply to your brain resulting in irregular sleep pattern. Negative ions emitted from Himalayan salt lamps reverses the situation, having the salt lamp around you during the night will make you enjoy a healthy peaceful sleep.

Environmental friendly light source:

Himalayan pink salt is naturally environment-friendly salt content. That purifies the air around with its natural hygroscopic tendency. It is estimated that the reserves from where Himalayan pink salt is extracted are measured to be between 80 to 600million tons and is expected to last for another 350 years.   A Himalayan pink salt chunk is placed on the wooden base made from sustainable Neem wood. Some lamps are enlightened by low voltage electric bulbs while some salt lamps are enlightened by the glowing candles.

Improve mood and concentration:

Negative ions emitted from the salt lamps have healthy effects on your mode and concentration. At the end of a tiring day when you sit near to a salt lamp , it makes you feel relaxed and radiant. The negative ions emitted from the salt lamps when came in contact with the nerve cells of the person have healing effects on them improvising his concentration tendency. Besides  the negative mineral ions emitted from the salt lamp stimulate the  secretion of ” serotonin “ hormone which makes us feel happy.

 Reduces asthma and allergy symptoms:

The Himalayan salt lamp is naturally hygroscopic that tends to neutralize the positive ions carrying the microscopic pollutant and dust particle that causes asthma and allergy symptoms.  The salt lamp also kills the bacteria present in the air making the air clean. if asthma suffers  have the salt lamp in his interior ,  there is no chance that he will  feel any agitation or  sign of asthma symptom.  The salt ions when goes deep into the sinus track also heals the infection.

Some important benefits of salt lamp:

Salt lamp is a unique salt product manufactured from various natural and healthy salt types. The best salt lamps are considered those that are made from the Himalayan pink salt crystal. Himalayan salt is the sea salt extracted from the mines of Himalayan mountain range located in kewra mines in Pakistan.  The Himalayan salt is considered as the best salt because it is 100 percent pure pollutant fee salt content having traces of more than 84 plus mineral ions in it.  The rich mineral content of the salt makes it extremely beneficial for the human beings and their environment.   Let’s discuss some of the benefits why people have Himalayan pink salt in their interior.


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