Do salt lamps really work ???

We hear a lot about tendency of salt lamp to produce negative ions. In someone’s perception, it is just a fiction, but someone claims that it does.  So, it’s a kind of two dimensional picture of a single object and we can have the both questions like does salt lamps work or you can ask how the salt lamp works actually????  
We’ve installed salt lamps in bedrooms for experiments & for while these were used for decoration. Results tht came out from our experiment shows a clear difference; the room was quite peaceful with soothing air effects and soothing yellowish glowing light calms a lot at night.

What is a Salt Lamp?

Real Himalayan salt lamp is a solid rock salt & hand carved. It has a beautiful pink color with yellow ambient glow when it lit. Its pinkish/orange color is due to high concentration of minerals. Inside the hollowed muddle area of salt lamps a light bulb is installed to produce light and heat. It’s because heat effects the rock salt chunks and reportedly we get health benefits.

Salt lamps and electromagnetic radiation:

An Electromagnetic field could be easy feel at open space with a lot of electrical equipment because near about all our electronic devices like televisions, computers and smart phones emits positive ions constantly which reduce the ability to concentrate and lower immunity sometimes. Whereas for Himalayan salt lamps helps to protect us from these radiation.

Negative ionization from salt lamps:

Himalayan rock salt lamps are quite beautiful to look at but how do they actually work and can they generate negative ions for better health? Let’s start it with brief introduction about salt lamps and see what makes it a masterpiece. Salt lamps are expected to produce negative ions in the air; these lamps are made of pure pink salt which is finest natural salt available on earth. There are both opinions about its tendency to produce the negative ions but according to study (conducted online on different forums) we found that they really produce negative ions.

How negative ions produce:

Actually, the negative ions are produced when you turn on your salt lamp and after that the surface of the salt lamp heats up. The salt lamp attracts the moisture from the air towards the surface of the lamp and because the salt lamp is turned on, producing the warmth at surface resulting in the water evaporation process from there. The negative ions are produced from that evaporation process and that is how the Himalayan salt lamps are able to produce the negative ions in the air those are just great for the mental and the emotional health.

Where to place salt lamps for better health results:

Just one salt lamp would have trouble counteracting all the electromagnetic radiation from a room full of electronic equipment. The closer the salt lamp is to you the better job it will do at counteracting the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation. Though it’s better to keep as far back from screens and other electromagnetic emitting equipment as possible.


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