3 Intresting uses of Himalayan pink salt

Salt is very significant mineral still contributed for providing us life expectancy for in further our time. It’s not only important but very important minerals which is used in our daily routine life, event  there are scientific theories  existed that had proved that salt played very important part in formation of life. There are many uses of Himalayan salt that can be utilized for natural solution also Himalayan salt is the only purest salt available at earth, it occurs in the pink color that is why it is known as the Himalayan pink salt also. Besides this here are some interesting facts and uses of salt.

Salt use for decorative items:

Salt is not at all limited to the edible salt because there are some other uses of the salt that we can witness around you. The most current and trendy luxurious use of salt which is excessive in these days, is to use salt for decoration. For the sake of this purpose, solid chunks of rock salt is used. These chunks are used to be as salt lamps, carved candles and other decorative items.

Give your skin a glow:

Salt we used in our daily life and even tried to invent more of its features and benefits. Massage a mixture of salt and olive oil into your skin in circular motions, leave it on for a few minutes and then wash it off. The massage increases circulation to your skin, the olive oil moisturizes and the salt buffs away dead skin cells.

Remove blood, wine and perspiration stains:

Blot up spilled wine and tip some notch of fine Himalayan pink salt at top to absorb what’s left, pulling as much of it out of the fabric as possible. Blood-stained linens can be restored in cold saltwater followed by a wash in hot, soapy water. To remove perspiration stains from clothing, dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a cup of hot water and sponge it on.

In future may be there  are more advancement or progression is expected. Because most of us people now highly believe in consuming natural products for maximums health benefits and luckily salt is one of nature’s most precious gift for all human race which is delivering natural remedy and treatment for most of our diseases.


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