Natural minerals in salt & positive health effects

Talking about purest form of the salt available on earth is pink salt, which found from the mountains of Himalaya’s in Asian sub-continent. Himalayan Pink Salt also discovered from European region as well but the biggest main source of this salt is mines from Khewra salt mines (located in the north Pind Daden Khan, Pakistan). Khewra salt mine is recognized as World’s 2nd largest salt mine of Pakistan. For the tourists, it is also one that place which attracts them for holidays; it draws up to 250,000 visitors every year that shows how tourists are attracting towards it. Khewara salt mine's varies from 82 million tons to 600 million tons & contend with essential minerals required for growth of mind and body. These minerals are significant in their act and performance for specific purpose; a precise summery some these prominent found minerals are mentioned (that qualifies for important selection)

Sulfur & Magnesium minerals in Himalayan salt:

In order to fight the pain, stress, weakness or even cancer, sulfur is a great mineral that is present in rock salt (also known as Pink Salt/Himalayan salt). To put off the Cardiovascular Diseases & Control the level of blood pressure, or even to reverse the osteoporosis. Magnesium mineral improves muscle elasticity and relaxes nerve system that will be help to promote anti-aging effects.

Calcium & Potassium minerals in Himalayan salt:

Calcium is one of the Key Minerals for Health and Blood Pressure which supports heart beating, Potassium is a vital mineral that is making to teeth and the bones stronger. These are the few top minerals those are packed naturally with the Himalayan Salt and lot of a mineral those present in the salt and can be very beneficial for health.

Iron & Sodium minerals in Himalayan salt:

Iron is a well-being mineral along with oxygen that improves blood circulation, absorption and tissue oxidation. In iron many types of enzymes associated with good mental perception which simulates energy and stamina. Sodium mineral salt is balanced for the movement of electrical impulses that control water and hydration level in several tissues.

Iodine & Phosphates minerals in Himalayan salt:

Iodine is a combination of vitamin mineral salt from thyroid glands which extremely useful for the functioning of the brain. Iron salt help to blood cells to carry oxygen from the lungs to rest of body. Phosphates salt refers to much different combination that is normally absorbed from food that important chemical in the body. Phosphates salt and iodine are also applied to sensitive teeth to reduce pain. It also helps to boosting health and one of the most important elements in creation of proteins, which help in the process of reproduction.


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