Salt Lamps are Essential Component for Household | Best Home Decor Item

Salt is getting popular day by day as essential house hold equipment. This is due to the fact that the salt lamp bearing pure salt crystal renders enormous benefits to its consumers in term of their health and environment. A salt lamp is made up of the pure Himalayan salt crystal that is extracted from the Himalayan mountain range. Here we will discuss some of the reasons which make the salt lamp an essential non-vulnerable component of the household.

Purifies the air:

The salt rock lamp, when enlightened, emits the negative ions which neutralize the harmful positive ions present in the air. The negative ions also remove the pollutant and the dust particle present in the air and make them absorbed on the lamp surface and making the air around pollutant free it is due to the hygroscopic tendency of the salt lamp crystal.

Ails asthma and allergy symptoms:

Salt used in the Himalayan Glow salt lamp is naturally anti-bacteria rock salt when heated with the bulb it emits the negative mineral ions that kills the bacteria from the air and also oxidizes the pollutant and pollen particles from the air that causes the allergy and infection in bronchus .besides the mineral ions of the salt lamp also have great healing tendency which when inhaled goes deep into the lungs and heals the infection caused due to the pollen and polluted particles.

Cuts down the stress condition:

The air around us is full of positive ions. The positive ions are emitted from different sources like electric devices, paints, digital machines and other man-made setups, the positive ions have negative effects on the nerves of the human being. Excessive exposure to negative ions   causes the mental anxiety, mental stress, insomnia and other psychological disorders. The salt lamp emits negative ions which kill the positive ions in the air and cut down stress condition faced by the victims.

Better sleep therapy:

Insomnia or sleeplessness is mostly caused due to the emotional and the mental restlessness caused due to the abundance of the positive ions in the air.  Salt lamp amber color soothing light along with   the negative ions eliminate the positive ions from the air and makes one feel relaxed and calm making him  enjoy the  sweet peaceful sleep.
Besides these benefit salt lamp also have healing effects on the skin of human beings. It reboots the energy level of the persons, eliminates the migraine condition and much more. So having looked upon all these important benefits, it feels impossible to not to place the salt lamp in our bedrooms, study rooms, kitchen, offices and even in bathrooms. It does not sound good to keep our interiors deprived of such an essential natural salt mineral lamp. Does it???


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