Easy decorating ideas with candle holders

Candle Holders are Popular Gift Items for all occasions. Even some solemn affairs calls for the use of candles like funerals. So having an ignitable candle is a good idea in longer term. LED flame-less wax candles are a perfect choice if you are big on candles but want to avoid fire dangers and wax spills on tables. The LED wax candles have a flickering light bulb that serves as flame, the rest of the candle is made of wax. They can be decorated at home or look stunning simple as well. They generate a warm glow and ambiance and go with maximum settings and home d├ęcor.

An ideal gift item:

They are Ideal Present on Valentine’s Day & Birthdays, occasional celebrations or as a token of appreciation. They look adorable in home as well as office settings alike. They add a catchy decorative element to plain room. A very interesting DIY tutorial can transform the simple colors of the candle into a stunning masterpiece of art. Some ideas are discussed here.

How to use candle holders for decoration:

Candle holders can decorated with surplus items available in home like fancy buttons, cinnamon sticks, potpourri, delicate laces and dry flower arrangement items.The patterns carved on the LED candle cylinder should depict the occasion they are being presented for. For example if you are presenting the candle for birthday , you can write a beautiful message for your loved one on this milestone occasion in glitter glue along the base or around it. If you are gifting this item on valentine’s occasion you can draw small hearts in colorful pattern along the candle.

Utilizing wax candles for decoration:

Use self-adhesive ribbons in floral and geometric patterns to attach around the cylinder of candles to give them a colorful pattern. You can hand paint the LED wax candles with shimmering colors and trace out different patterns on them according to the setting of your room. You can also place these candles in clear glass jars. It serves two purposes. First it saves your candle from being knocked out and accidentally break its bulb, secondly the clear glass jar could be traced with star dust, sea shells, wax patterns or tied with ribbons to add a personal touch while presenting to someone.

They look beautiful on table sides, on mantel piece and on center tables. They look extraordinarily exciting with mirrors and metal decorations. Their look could be enhanced by using lights and fresh flower arrangement. A very appealing way of using candle is with seas shells and star fish style shells. With this kind of theme they give a fresh and crisp decorative look. Although these are non-flammable candles available in different styles and sizes, the bulb gives a life like look of a flame by flickering.


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