How to clean & care for natural salt lamps

The Himalayan pink salt lamp no doubt stands as an exceptional option for any home or business interior. It has no comparison with the ordinary light lamps available in the market.  Himalayan salt lamps are considered superior to ordinary light lamps because they are made from high quality Himalayan pink salt.  And the salt emits the negative mineral ions which healthy impact on the life and environment of human beings. Salt lamps are natural health products containing rich mineral contents. Salt lamp also helps to boost up one’s energy level in a natural way.

Benefits of Himalayan pink salt lamp: 

In contrast to Salt lamps .the traditional light lamps only serve to illuminate your bedroom or study room but do not have any healthy or productive effect on your life. In fact, the ordinary electric light emits the positive ion that tends to have unhealthy effects and strain on the nerves of the user.   A salt lamp is composed of a Himalayan salt chunk that is placed on Neem wood base. Salt chunk is hollow from inside where the electric bulb is inserted. When the bulb is sourced to electric current the salt lamp gets illuminated emitting soothing orange amber hue light. Salt lamps are safe and easy to use.However, little care is required to keep the lamp look ever new.

Changing of electric bulb:

Salt lamps are long term working lamps. it has an electric bulb inserted into the hollow opening of salt crystal , If the bulb gets fused, you can replace it with another one. It does not require any hustle. Make sure that you unplug your salt lamp before changing the electric bulb to prevent  any electric shock.  Salt crystal does not get damaged unless they fell to the ground or they get melted if exposed to extreme moisture or direct water.

Cleaning of salt lamp:

A salt lamp is naturally hygroscopic it absorbs the dust and pollutant particles from the surrounding air , making the air clean and purified.  Due to the continuous cleaning of the surrounding air, the salt lamp often looks dusty or little dull. However, it can be cleaned easily in few steps. A salt lamp is naturally anti-bacterial so its cleaning does not require any use of detergent. You just need to dampen the sponge and  rub it over the lamp’s salt crystal to remove the dust or stains generated. Dry the lamp with a dry towel or sponge.  the lamp will be looking clean and tidy as it was when you purchased it.

Use waterproof base when placing the lamp of wooden furniture: 

Salt lamp  is naturally hygroscopic in moist or hot weather, salt lamp’s crystal may drip or you can say it may leak , it a natural phenomenon, no need to  worry about that , just make sure that when  you place the salt lamp on any of your wooden furniture it  is placed on waterproof base so that your wooden  furniture don’t get spoiled.
The salt lamp can work efficiently if you follow above-discussed step while using it.  Have full advantage of the salt lamp with confident and follow the above-mentioned procedures in using the lamp so that it can  give you healthy benefits for  longer period.


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