Thursday, 19 January 2017

WBM Salt lamps are ETL Approved and Tested

There is currently an ongoing recall for Salt Lamps. The recall is due to low-quality electrical components melting, catching fire and creating other safety issues. WBM is not part of this recall. The lamps in question were all sold at Michaels retailers. WBM products have never been for sale at Michaels. All of our products are ETL tested and certified.

WBM Salt Lamps are safe to use:

Himalayan pink salt lamps offered by WBM International are completely safe to use. WBM lamps are made from high-quality electrical components. Every product manufactured by WBM International is carefully tested to make sure that each piece stands in compliance with global high-quality standard specifications. There is no chance of any hazard when using WBM International electric lamps and other appliances. There has been no incident recorded with the use of our salt lamps or any other products made by WBM International and there is no recall made against any of our products.

WBM Salt lamps are ETL Certified Salt Lamps:

WBM International salt lamps are safe to use. You can use them anywhere in your home, office, warehouse, restaurant, spa, etc. WBM international Himalayan pink salt lamps are ETL tested and certified. The salt lamp plug, cord, and switch are tested and is proven to be shock free.  The electric cord is ETL-approved.WBM International assures 100 percent safety.

100 Percent Customer Satisfaction:

WBM salt lamps are being used by health conscious people all around the world. WBM’s salt lamps can be seen in homes, offices, business departments, stores, restaurants and public places. Our customer satisfaction is 100 percent. Visit our website, to see customer feedback and all the amazing salt lamps we offer.

Monday, 31 October 2016

Himalayan salt lamp neutralizes radon & ultraviolet radiation:

pink salt is composed of the mineral radon naturally plus 84 mineral ions that's are antibacterial and bears many healthy effects on the environment and health of human beings like filtering air in our environment by generating positive ions. it is proven that the salt lamps serves best for those patients also who require radon exposure. However, the radon element present in the salt have no effects on the human health. often this question ( generating emf or radon ) is rise about salt lamps ???

Do Himalayan salt lamps emit Radon?

Radon is natural occurring element found in the universe.  it is scientifically proven that the decaying radon serves to be harmful. The radon found in the salt is least in amount and is available in pure form and has no harmful impact on the life of people.  On the other hand, the negative ions emitted from the salt lamps tends to neutralize all sort of ultraviolet radiation found in the air making your surrounding pure radiation free.

Salt lamp kills the EMF radiation found in the air :

Himalayan salt rock is mined from the mines that remained concealed under the pure ocean for centuries so it does not contain any harmful or toxic element which may harm our environment or health. Due to its natural hygroscopic tendency and its natural mineral contents , it  cane used to combat the harmful radioactive radiation and radon rays that are responsible for causing various diseases like leukemia, breast cancer, brain cancer , lungs cancer,  melanoma, lymphoma birth defects and much more.

Salt lamp emits negative ions: 

The salt emits mineral based negative ions. Negative ions are referred as ”AIR PROTEIN “Himalayan salt based negative ions purifies the air from the harmful elements. It kills the bacteria present in the air. Negative ions also neutralize the harmful positive ions present in the air. Positive ions are sourced from various electromagnetic sources like telephone, digital devices, radioactive elements based devices. And other EMF sources.  Negative ions emitted from the salt lamps neutralizes them and makes the air clean and pure.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Why Himalayan pink salt lamp are best night lamps

Lamps are essential components of   every bedroom. Most of the people hate darkness.They prefer to sleep in the light but it is also said that exposure to light during night causes depression and increase the risk of cancer .it is also scientifically proven that light inhibits the secretion of melatonin that is a sleep hormone which promotes sleep, however, we use night light lamps that emit low voltage of light. however, nowadays, people are using the Himalayan salt lamp as night lamps. Himalayan pink salt lamps serve to be the best salt lamps because  the salt lamps are composed of Himalayan pink salt crystal chunk. salt crystal chunk is mostly in the pink color that emits  an amber colored light into the room.

Himalayan salt lamp: a best night lamp

Himalaya pink salt is extracted from the pure and clean mines of the Himalayan range . The salt extracted naturally bears more than 84 mineral ions besides it the salt also bears many healthy effects on the human environment and health. Salt crystal, when eliminated with an electric connection, emits orange amber colored light contain negative mineral ions. The low dim light emitted from salt lamp unlike ordinary electric light helps regulates better sleep pattern in one.

Beautiful and intricate designed night salt lamp:

The salt lamp is available in different shapes, sizes. You can select the size of a lamp according to the size of your room. Amber light color of the salt lamp can be changed into the desired light color by changing the light hue.  Salt lamps serve to be the best night  light lamp. It emits the negative ions which when neutralizes the positive ions in the air which causes the anxiety, recklessness and insomnia condition in people.  The negative ions emitted by the salt lamp when came in contact with a person tends heals his mental and emotional sufferings bringing him to enjoy mental relief. 

Acts as air purifier:

Salt lamp when enlighten also act as an ambient air purifier. Himalayan salt is naturally antibacterial and kills the bacteria present in the air making the air and bacteria free.  The salt is naturally hygroscopic. It absorbs the pollutant from the air which causes sinus irritation and various respiratory disorders.

Best and safe lamp for the kids room:

The salt lamp also serves to be best night lamp for the kid's room.  It not only elevates the room’s darkness but also it makes them enjoy good sleep by keeping the surrounding air neat and clean . also it helps to regulate their sleep pattern by  making them enriched with healthy mineral based positive ions.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Use of Himalayan pink salt lamps & salt cooking plates

We always need and environment where we can breathe fresh and have healthy items and products around us to be able to live a healthy life with luxury and beauty around us, in this hard strive, we try to adopt things and means in our surroundings that tends to be healthy and on the other hand, renders attractive and soothing sensation all around us. In our homes, we always try to use things that offer us beauty and comfort.
While we embellish our home’s interior, we wish to impart in the home the looks and item that not only serves to provide us with comfort and facilitation but also serves to add a beautiful décor touch to our interior. Natural products serve best for our health. Himalayan pink salt is best natural and world’s purest sea salt available on the earth surface with lots of health and environmental benefits .Pink salt is beautiful pink colored salt slab that can also be used to make beautiful decorative items like pink salt lamps and pink salt candle holder .it can also be used in the kitchen as salt slab and plates for cutting and cooking food

Himalayan pink salt lamps:

Himalayan pink salt lamps are unique lamps that offer its consumers both the eye-catching feature and the health-friendly environment. One who uses the Himalayan pink salt lamp knows that these salt lamps are much more than just as a decorative item. Even the luxury and the big hotels and restaurants know its unique environmental and health benefits so we see them using the salt lamps and other co-products made by Himalayan salt.

Himalayan pink salt plates for restaurant:

Luxury hotels and restaurants value the interior décor with style and class. Moreover, environmental and food hygiene also bears a lot of importance for them. Now in this progressive internet era when all the details are present for people to browse online,  the benefits of Himalayan salt does not remain concealed from the commercial business concerns also so we can often witness the products made from the Himalayan salt in different luxury hotels & restaurants. We see the great chefs serving tasty food in salt plates to their customers. It is because the salt plates are pollutant-free and naturally antibacterial .food when hoped or served on them get antibacterial besides the rich mineral ions present in the salt plates and cooking blocks impart a very delicious touch to your food making the food touch to the height of savory.

Pink salt lamps in hotels and restaurants:

We also see the salt made candle holders and pink salt lamps in the hotel rooms and sitting lobbies. This is because they know warm glow emitted from the salt lamp cleans the ambient air around us naturally without any aid of chemical based deodorants. Salt lamp when enlightened; emit negative ions into the atmosphere. We all know that the air quality can greatly be purified if there is a good amount of negative ions present in the air. So, I hope that you have now understood that when you see the salt made candle holders, lamps, plates or other products in some restaurants or hotels, then the reason behind that is not only to offer attractiveness. There is something more behind, and that is to purify the indoor air quality!

Friday, 26 August 2016

Medical health benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt:

Pink salt is the best salt available on the entire globe. There are lots of health benefits associated with the use of Himalayan pink salt. Here we will discuss some of the health benefits associated with the pink salt. Only Himalayan salt posses tendency to reduce water retention in body which we'll discuss in details , also it's has better cardiovascular effects for heart patients. Doctor's like Barbara Hendel who famous author & nutritional recommend Himalayan salt for taking positive health effects.

Reduces water retention in body:

This salt can control the level of the water within the human body and can regulate the flow of water to different organs of the body for their proper functioning. Salt balances the PH level in cells,  including the brain .It also regulates the blood sugar level in human body  The pink salt is also good for reducing the signs of aging and can encourage the production  of the cellular hydroelectric energy which  helps  to increase  absorption  of the food elements inside the intestinal tract.

Better salt for the cardiovascular patients:

The pink salt has the properties to improve the vascular health. It is also found beneficial in cardiovascular diseases. Unlike ordinary table salt, it does not cause hypertension in cardiac patients.

Heals the respiratory disorders:

It helps to heal the respiratory disorders. Salt ions when inhaled by the asthma sufferer heal the sinus ailments and infections issues. Pink salt inhalers are available in market and gives instant relief when inhales by the sinus sufferers.

Diminishes mineral deficiency in human body :

The Himalayan salt is composed of 84 plus mineral ions that are naturally part of human body. The salt intake tends to diminish the mineral deficiency caused in a human body. Healthy and rich mineral content of Himalayan salt tends to reduce muscle cramps, and also increases the bone strength.

Heals human  psychological ailments

The mineral based negative ions of the salt when came in contact with a person penetrate deep into the human body. Also, the ions kill the harmful positive ions that cause the anxiety and nervous disorders in human being. the ions also result in causing the better sleep pattern in human beings .  Himalayan pink salt lamps are no doubted the replacement of ancient “Halo Therapy” also known as salt cave therapy that was used to cure various human physical and psychological ailments.

Himalayan pink salt is naturally anti-bacterial agent.

Pink salt is naturally anti-bacterial salt.  So it is also essentially beneficial for external use on your body and skin. It kills the bacteria from the skin also it heals the skin infection and ailment caused due to bacteria. It is beneficial for treating the skin acne, psoriasis; heal blisters and many other skin infections. The salts also act as a skin cleanser and skin detoxifying agent when used as bath sole.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Salt lamps are essential component for household

Salt is getting popular day by day as essential household equipment. This is due to the fact that the salt lamp bearing pure salt crystal renders enormous benefits to its consumers in term of their health and environment. A salt lamp is made up of the pure Himalayan salt crystal that is extracted from the Himalayan mountain range. Here we will discuss some of the reasons which make the salt lamp an essential non-vulnerable component of the household.

Purifies the air:

The salt lamp, when enlightened, emits the negative ions which neutralize the harmful positive ions present in the air. The negative ions also remove the pollutant and the dust particle present in the air and make them absorbed on the lamp surface and making the air around pollutant free it is due to the hygroscopic tendency of the salt lamp crystal.

Ails asthma and allergy symptoms:

Salt used in the salt lamp is naturally anti-bacteria rock salt when heated with the bulb it emits the negative mineral ions that kills the bacteria from the air and also oxidizes the pollutant and pollen particles from the air that causes the allergy and infection in bronchus .besides the mineral ions of the salt lamp also have great healing tendency which when inhaled goes deep into the lungs and heals the infection caused due to the pollen and polluted particles.

Cuts down the stress condition:

The air around us is full of positive ions. The positive ions are emitted from different sources like electric devices, paints, digital machines and other man-made setups, the positive ions have negative effects on the nerves of the human being. Excessive exposure to negative ions   causes the mental anxiety, mental stress, insomnia and other psychological disorders. The salt lamp emits negative ions which kill the positive ions in the air and cut down stress condition faced by the victims.

Better sleep therapy:

Insomnia or sleeplessness is mostly caused due to the emotional and the mental restlessness caused due to the abundance of the positive ions in the air.  Salt lamp amber color soothing light along with   the negative ions eliminate the positive ions from the air and makes one feel relaxed and calm making him  enjoy the  sweet peaceful sleep.
Besides these benefit salt lamp also have healing effects on the skin of human beings. It reboots the energy level of the persons, eliminates the migraine condition and much more. So having looked upon all these important benefits, it feels impossible to not to place the salt lamp in our bedrooms, study rooms, kitchen, offices and even in bathrooms. It does not sound good to keep our interiors deprived of such an essential natural salt mineral lamp. Does it???

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Choose the right salt lamp for your interior

Salt lamps are getting popular day by day due to its beautifully carved salt crystal designs and enormous health benefit it renders to men.  The salt lamp is made up of pure salt crystal obtained from the Himalayan range. The pure Himalayan crystal supported on Neem wood   base, when enlightened with the bulb tends to provide a mind soothing glow along with enormous benefits to its consumer.  However not all the available salt based lamp renders the same benefits to its valued consumers. There are many factors that affect the quality and functionality of salt lamps. Some of the common factors are salt crystal quality and composition, the size of the salt lamp crystal, and salt crystal shapes and salt crystal color. WBM international has been dealing in Himalayan salt products and the salt lamp and provides the Hi-grade quality salt lamps to its valued consumers. While buying a mineral rich lamp, checklist following points before purchasing this will help you get the right lamp for your interior.

Salt crystal variety:

The salt lamps available in market are in different colors depending on its mineral rich quality from pink to maroons brown. The reddish brown salt crystal lamp is Himalaya is mineral rich especially in Iron oxide. The salt crystal in dark color shade are not used by the WBM  international for making salt lamps  because they do not have the essential  benefits that a salt  based lamp is meant to serve. Similarly there are also white Himalayan salt crystals used by the traders to make a salt lamp. WBM International doesn’t recommend white salt crystal in making salt lamp due to in adequate chemical composition in Himalayan crystals. The white salt could also be the processed salt crystal that might be a chunk of sodium minerals which does not render positive healthy benefits.

Orange color salt crystal lamp is pure rich mineral salt crystal:

Keeping in view of above facts , WBM only uses  real hand mined Himalayan salt crystal in pink to orange red in color that is filled with the naturally occurring 84 plus mineral ions  The Himalayan salt crystal which is pink to orange in color is purest of all salt crystals which have miraculous anti-bacterial and  air purifying tendency due to its unique hygroscopic quality .With the aid of such benefits the salt lamp  not only cleans the air but also have some sort of healing effects on  human  mind and body.

Size of the salt crystal lamp:

A size of mineral rich lamp should correspond to the size of a room you want to brighten with the lamp. Bigger the interior you need to ionize the bigger the lamp needed to achieve the desired results. More the surface area of the room; more is the drop out of the negative ions. It is possible that you might need more than one salt lamp to achieve the desired ionization. This is due to the fact that output of the negative ions drops dramatically within the few feet of salt mineral lamp regardless of the size of lamp and output of ions emitted from it.

Quick over view of salt crystal sizes to ionize an interior:

The mineral lamps are available in different shape and sizes fit to ionize a particular room. A small bedroom measuring 10x10 sq. feet can be ionized with the lamp weighing 5-7 lbs. A joint room or commercial space can be ionized by the salt based mineral lamp having the salt crystal weighing 40-50lbs.On the contrary two to three salt lamps weighing less or same   can also be mounted on various positions to gain the desired ionization results.  There are small mineral salt lamps designed to be placed in the study room or office cabins or to ionize the air around the working areas. The small USB port salt lamps are designed to be operated with the computer and various digital systems to ionize the surrounding air.

Built in Fixtures:

When you buy a salt lamp, inquire for its fixtures and built in features of  lamp because the salt lamp quality and its performance depend on its fixing equipment. Whenever   you buy any salt lamp from any shop, make sure some of the following features are present in it.Inquire, whether your lamp is constructed with the high-quality ULC/CSA, approved light fixture or not.

Check if the protected lamp base is provided with the lamp or not.  Make sure it is made of good quality wood and plastic that can resist the moisture effects.Make sure that the lamp base is attached to the lamp actually often the lamp. Often the lamp is seen sitting freely on the base that proves to be dangerous and unstable.

Make sure that the light fixture is held safely in the lamp.After reading the guidelines mentioned in this article we hope that you will feel confident and convenient in purchasing the salt lamp from the market or online shop.